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Advance booking and hotel price variability online Inglese Academy Papers 06/02/2020
Best buy - what does it mean in corporate travel Inglese Academy Papers 06/02/2020
Certificate of Offset - Xenia_2021 Inglese Documenti 02/07/2021
Certificate Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 Inglese Documenti 30/10/2019
Competition patterns, spatial and advance booking effects in the accommodation market online Inglese Academy Papers 03/12/2020
PHI HOTELS_The Group.pdf Inglese Company Profile 01/12/2021
Rating hotel quality Inglese Academy Papers 06/02/2020
Succession Plan.pdf Inglese Documenti 08/11/2018
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Xenia S.p.A._Financial Statements 2018 Inglese Bilancio 25/10/2019
Xenia S.p.A._Management Report 2018 Inglese Bilancio 25/10/2019